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grand opening wednesday feb 22nd

store hours

Wednesday - 2pm - 6pm

Thursday - 2pm - 6pm

Friday 2pm - 6pm

Saturday 2pm - 6pm


Welcome to the den

We want The PDL Den to be a place for discovery, for like-minded people to gather and geek out over clothes that fit bodies not gender.

“For me, it’s always been about paying homage to something that’s original, but then upgrading it to fit us” Renaud said of their aesthetic.

So when designing the new shop we wanted to keep the integrity of the past while giving the shop a new life. Similar to the types of product we create it is a modern take on a traditionally masculine space that juxtaposes new and old with a queer twist!

Keep your eyes peeled for some specialty items that can only be found in the den.

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