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Clothing made for bodies, not gender isn’t just a trend.

Inspired by this mission and recognizing the gap in customer demand for less gendered styles, Peau de Loup (PDL) literally embodies gender-fluidity for the LGBTQ+ community (and everyone in between). We believe everyone deserves the right to align their inner identity with their outward appearance.

Motivated by personal need, co-founders Adelle Renaud (designer/product developer)  and Erin McLeod (Olympic champion/activist) started designing clothes for bodies not gender long before it was fashionable.

In 2012, no other brands challenged gender norms in fashion or created clothing that they wanted to wear. Traditional clothing relies on a binary fit and sizing system. The result? If you’re like the duo who live and dress outside of the binary, nothing fits the way you need it to.

So ten years ago, they created their own fit system that favors body shape and size over gender, and PDL was born.

Inspired by the quality of menswear but not constrained by the patriarchal notions of dressing, what started as a line of button down shirts has evolved into a full range of offerings with expansive sizing.

All PDL products are built from short-runs of upcycled fabrics, which creates limited-edition styles that make use of fabric discarded from major manufacturers. As a result, our products are sustainable and unique.


We are a small queer and feminist founded business and are fueled by the support of our community.


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