We started out simple in 2012 at the timethere were no brands challenging gender norms in fashion or creating clothing that we wanted to wear. Adelle worked in the fashion industry as designer and product developer for many big brands and became frustrated out of the sheer volume of products being produced every year nothing was built for them. “Fashion should not tell people who to be, it should be the tool to make it easier for people to be themselves” So together Adelle, Beccy and Erin set off on a mission to specialize in well made button down for female and non-binary bodies so we took everything we loved from menswear and made it to fit us.

We ended up building a brand that stands for something. We are Cheeky in the way we connect, we are Classic in the product we offer and we are STRONG in the message we are trying to send.

To us this has always been something much more than a button down.

It was about creating something authentic that makes people feel the same way on the outside as they do on the inside.

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We are a team of product developers with a wealth of experience working in product development around the world.

Our strong background in sourcing and manufacturing has given us an advantage developing sustainable products using up-cycled fabrics, lower minimums and premium finishing.

We are thoughtfully curated, edited and designed to be durable, useful and simple. Crafted with purpose using only sustainable up-cycled fabrics, ethical manufacturing and designed to fit for our customers body NOT GENDER.

Our products are not for show. We build high-quality, limited edition fashion that mixes classic menswear features with a fit designed to accommodate curves without accentuating them. Our line is constantly evolving including a wide variety of shirts, jackets, pants, suiting, underwear and accessories. Inclusivity is our middle name - The products are currently available in size 2 – 20 by 2022 we will carry from size 0 - 24

We believe in building products for every body that are designed to last and accessible to all.

We want our customers to wear our pieces for years, even decades to come.



To date a vast majority of clothing is built off a binary fit and sizing system. The result? If you’re like us someone who lives outside of the binary, nothing fits.

We created our own fit system, tailored to the shapes and proportions of our bodies not gender. Creating a collection of menswear-inspired button-up shirts, suits, pants, tees and underwear that combine the design and aesthetic of menswear with the perfect fit for female and non-binary bodies.

You will find that our shirts have been designed to have
extra room to accommodate hips without accentuating them.
Forget the traditional notions of gender and be your authentic self.