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Short Sleeve Tees

Prepare to slay in style with our short sleeve tees! We've flipped the script and designed these tees to break free from the old norms. Crafted with a patented body block, these tees are all about embracing individuality, not hiding it. Built for bodies, not gender. Designed to create a slight a-frame shape to fit snugger on the shoulders and looser around the hips.

Made from 100% upcycled mid-weight cotton, flat-lock stitching, and a refined bound neck finish, these tees are your ticket to looking and feeling fabulous.

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If you don't necessarily fit within the binary, you don't need 'permission' to shop from the men's section.

You need clothing that is actually fit for your body, that creates square shapes and helps you feel more like yourself.

We've spent the last ten years perfecting our fits!

Create your perfect wardrobe

Putting together the perfect outfit is an art form that allows your unique style to shine.

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